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We have been developing JSN Epic for more then 2 years and that tremendous amount of time allowed us to roll out some really advanced stuff. For us, the word “advanced” is not just fancy marketing buzz, but really something that you will not likely see anywhere else.

RTL Layout Support

All JoomlaShine templates are equipped with native RTL layout support. We spent huge amount of time tweaking every tiny details of the template to make it look absolutely awesome in RTL mode.

Read more about RTL layout support

IE6 Support

Each template is processed thoroughly based on the ultimate IE6 cheatsheet covering 25+ IE6 bugs. This is really time and resource consuming process, but the result is worth every second spent.

Read more about IE6 support

SEO & Accessibility

One of the most important SEO technique is to make sure that search engine can find your critical content before others. So we layout content in order “center”, “left” and “right”.

Read more about SEO & accessibility support

Flash Gallery

The flash gallery you see on this website is cool product JSN ImageShow. Designed to present photos, you can use this product to show either professional photo portfolio or your family album.

Read more about JSN ImageShow

Template Parameters

JSN Epic provides over 40 template parameters for super flexible template configuration. All parameters are nicely arranged in multiple sections in template settings page for easy access.

Read more about template parameters

Docs & Support

JSN Epic is equipped with very comprehensive documentation package of 3 PDF documents that you can print and read at convenience: Quick Start Guide, Configuration Manual and Customization Manual.

Read more about docs & support


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